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(20190116) Plans for 2019

A new year and of course new plans for Crazy Mike. We already know we are going back to Solundfestivalen in Denmark for the fifth year in a row and to "Rock an der Wabe" in Neuerkerode, Germany for the third year in a row. A lot more is building up that we hope to present sone!! Check the tour dates on the first page for more info!

(20180218) Rehearsal and photosession today!!

It was a while ago but today we rehearsed again preparing for both recordings and this summers musicfestivals.
We also took some new pictures and for the occasion we lended som very special guitars and basses from our friends at Pimrooster Customs ( They really create some beautiful artwork!!

(2018-02-06) Soon new rehearsals and recordings

After a short break and a calm January we start again to plan for 2018. Next gig in april and before that we are going to do recordings for our new CD.
Rehearsals as preparations start soon.
We have 12 songs ready and working on two or three more so we think we soon have enogh to make a great new record!
We actually have talked about releasing one of our concerts as a live-record also, so maybe it´s two coming your way later tyhis year :)

(2017-11-23) Today thursday all bands arrive to Europakonsert in Lund!

Exiting day for Europakonsert and Crazy Mike!
Today aour friends from The Nederlands, Germany, Denmark and Uppsala arrive in Lund for Europakonsert this weekend!
feiday and Saturday we re going to d some workshops together and both evenings perform in front of a Lund audience at Hemgården in Lund.
               Friday 24  nov
16:30    Jespers Rockets (Lund)
17:30    Jim Daniels (Uppsala)
18:30    United by Music(The Nederlands)
19:30    The Incredible Misfits (Denmark/Sweden)
20:30    Mac Robertson (Lund)
21:00    Bogefors  (Lund)

              Satuday 25 nov
16:30    Bogefors & Wiksborg (Lund)
17:30    The Mix (Germany)
18:30    Jacob Jensen Band (Denmark)
19:30    Crazy Mike (Lund)
20:30    Europakonert tackar
21:00    Jay Smith solo

Fri entré - Välkomna

(2017-11-03) Story and pictures from concerts in Ljungby and Malmö together with Rudely Interrupted from Australia!

We left Lund in "our" tourbus at lunchtime monday the 23:rd oktober and headed north for Ljungby. Our friends at Kulturfabriken had arranged a concert-evening for us and our Australian guest and as usual they did a fantastic job. We met Rudely Interrupted for the first time in Ljungby and immediately felt comfortable around them. A really nice and easygoing band. We supported them in Ljungby and the night after at Folk å Rock in Malmö and it was not only a couple of very nice concerts, we also felt that the two bands connected on many levels. We started aroud the same time10-11 years ago,we both play our own material mixed with a couple of covers and we have similar "battles" we have to fight to be accepted by people around us. Don´t be surprised if we play together again in the future!!
Crazy MIkes concert at Folk å Rock was one of our best concerts ever!
Pictures from Folk å Rock in Malmö!!

(2017-10-24) First concert with Rudely Interrupted in Ljungby yesterday!

Yesterday, we met Rudely Interruted for the first time in Ljungby and played together at Kulturfabriken. It was a great evening and the bands met a nice crowd that came out this grey oktober evening. Rudely Interrupted is a great band and we share some details, they been playing together for 11 years, we 10 years. They play mostly originals mixed up with a couple of covers, we do to. Come and listen to Rudely Interrupted (and us) tonight at Folk å Rock in Malmö if you are nearby!

(2017-10-13) Minitour with Rudely Interrupted from Australia

We checked them out in 2015 already when they were invited to the same festival in Denmark as we. Unfortunatly they couldnt make it then but now they are in Europe promoting their latest record and we invited them to Sweden for two concerts.
Monday 23 October - Kulturfabriken i Ljungby
Tuesday 24 october - Folk å Rock i Malmö
We are going to support them both nights and believe us, it´s going to be two great nights! If you are close to these venues, don´t miss them!!!
Check them out at: