Crazy Mike Official

Crazy Mike

Leadvocal: General Crazy (Calle)
Bass: Danne Larsson
Guitar: Chrille Sjöstrand
Guitar/Keys: Niklas Bohme
Drums & percussion: vacant

Crazy Mike is a rockband that began as a music activity inside the Municipality of Lunds daily activities for people with disabilities in 2007. Since then many things has happened around the band but the band has continued against all odds and are still rocking 10 years later.
It´s strange that so many administrators and bosses have such a hard time understanding how much good that comes ut of making music and what a big marketing-value it has.

But nothing surprice us any more.

In 2011 our first CD with our own material was released and since then we made many concerts around Sweden but also in India, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Holland.

From 2015 we are a part of the exciting projekt "Music unites Europe" where we meet and play with musicians from Denmark, Germany and Holland several times a year.
Since 2015 we have been invited three times to Solund Musicfestival in Skanderborg and three times to "Kultur der Dur" in Aarhus, both i Denmark. We also played at "Rock an der Wabe"-festival outside of Braunschweig in Germany and in Sliedrecht in Holland.

If you want us to came and play in your town, contact us and we will see what we can do :)